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Signature Blends

  • Cassiopeia
    $11.99 Choose Options Cassiopeia
    A rich medium roast with sweet nutty tones, medium body, and a very satisfying finish- Coffee Bio - Food Pairings: Creamy breakfast dishes, hearty soup entrees, and desserts like cheesecake, pumpkin or key lime pie...

  • Draco
    $11.99 Choose Options Draco
    Our premier dark roast harmoniously balances four coffee regions to produce a complex, low acidic, velvety smooth masterpiece- Coffee Bio - Food Pairings: Draco is enjoyed by many throughout the day - try our premier blend...

  • Leo
    $11.99 Choose Options Leo
    An ultra dark roast with smoky caramel tones, full body, and a smooth finish- Coffee Bio - Food Pairings: Best with big savory, meaty meals and rich desserts like tiramisu. If you like your coffee really dark and smooth,...

  • Lyra
    $11.99 Choose Options Lyra
    A spicy medium roast with exotic characteristics, low acidity, and a smooth finish- Coffee Bio - Food Pairings: A great everyday medium roast that compliments all foods and times of day.

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